Presentation_1_Dual-Responsive Core Crosslinking Glycopolymer-Drug Conjugates Nanoparticles for Precise Hepatocarcinoma Therapy.pdf

Nanoparticles (NPs) have demonstrated a potential for hepatocarcinoma therapy. However, the effective and safe NP-mediated drug transportation is still challenging due to premature leakage and inaccurate release of the drug. Herein, we designed a series of core cross-linking galactose-based glycopolymer-drug conjugates (GPDs) NPs with both redox-responsive and pH-sensitive characteristics to target and program drug release. Glycopolymer is comprised of galactose-containing units, which gather on the surface of GPD NPs and exhibit specific recognition to hepatocarcinoma cells, which over-express the asialoglycoprotein receptor. GPD NPs are stable in a normal physiological environment and can rapidly release the drug in hepatocarcinoma cells, which are reductive and acidic, by combining disulfide bond cross-linked core, as well as boronate ester-linked hydrophilic glycopolymer chain and the hydrophobic drug.