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posted on 10.04.2019 by Dmitry Kireev, Viviana Rincón Montes, Jelena Stevanovic, Kagithiri Srikantharajah, Andreas Offenhäusser

In the current work, we introduce a brand new line of versatile, flexible, and multifunctional MEA probes, the so-called Nano Neuro Net, or N3-MEAs. Material choice, dimensions, and room for further upgrade, were carefully considered when designing such probes in order to cover the widest application range possible. Proof of the operation principle of these novel probes is shown in the manuscript via the recording of extracellular signals, such as action potentials and local field potentials from cardiac cells and retinal ganglion cells of the heart tissue and eye respectively. Reasonably large signal to noise ratio (SNR) combined with effortless operation of the devices, mechanical and chemical stability, multifunctionality provide, in our opinion, an unprecedented blend. We show successful recordings of (1) action potentials from heart tissue with a SNR up to 13.2; (2) spontaneous activity of retinal ganglion cells with a SNR up to 12.8; and (3) local field potentials with an ERG-like waveform, as well as spiking responses of the retina to light stimulation. The results reveal not only the multi-functionality of these N3-MEAs, but high quality recordings of electrogenic tissues.