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posted on 2022-02-14, 04:46 authored by Casey R. Koger, Sohail S. Hassan, Jie Yuan, Yichen Ding

Molecular imaging along with 3-dimensional (3-D) or 4-D (3-D spatial + 1-D temporal) visualization is widely used in clinical diagnosis and surgical planning. However, the pre-defined perspective and confined manipulation limit the in-depth exploration and analysis in 3-D/4-D. To overcome this obstacle, we utilized virtual reality (VR) to interact with CT images of the cardiopulmonary system in a 3-D immersive environment. We implemented manipulative functionalities into the VR environment that altered the cardiopulmonary models to interactively generate new data analysis perspectives. We successfully sliced a CT cardiac model showing in-depth surface visualizations of the ventricles and atria. Our customized framework enables enhanced data interpretation interactivity of CT images and establishes a user-directed manipulative VR platform derived from imaging results for remote medical practices including training, education, and investigation.