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posted on 2021-08-30, 05:07 authored by Alexander Seryakov, Zaynab Magomedova, Maria Suntsova, Anastasia Prokofieva, Elizaveta Rabushko, Alexander Glusker, Lyudmila Makovskaia, Marianna Zolotovskaia, Anton Buzdin, Maxim Sorokin

Uterine leiomyosarcoma (UL) is a rare malignant tumor that develops from the uterine smooth muscle tissue. Due to the low frequency and lack of sufficient data from clinical trials there is currently no effective treatment that is routinely accepted for UL. Here we report a case of a 65-years-old female patient with metastatic UL, who progressed on ifosfamide and doxorubicin therapy and developed severe hypertensive crisis after administration of second line pazopanib, which lead to treatment termination. Rapid progression of the tumor stressed the need for the alternative treatment options. We performed RNA sequencing and whole exome sequencing profiling of the patient’s biopsy and applied Oncobox bioinformatic algorithm to prioritize targeted therapeutics. No clinically relevant mutations associated with drug efficiencies were found, but the Oncobox transcriptome analysis predicted regorafenib as the most effective targeted treatment option. Regorafenib administration resulted in a complete metabolic response which lasted for 10 months. In addition, RNA sequencing analysis revealed a novel cancer fusion transcript of YWHAE gene with fusion partner JAZF1. Several chimeric transcripts for YWHAE and JAZF1 genes were previously found in uterine neoplasms and some of them were associated with tumor prognosis. However, their combination was detected in this study for the first time. Taken together, these findings evidence that RNA sequencing may complement analysis of clinically relevant mutations and enhance management of oncological patients by suggesting putative treatment options.