Image_1_circGNB1 Facilitates Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Progression by Regulating miR-141-5p-IGF1R Axis.TIF

As an intriguing class of RNA, circular RNAs (circRNAs) are vital mediators of various diseases including cancers. However, the biological role and underlying mechanism of the majority of circRNAs are still ambiguous in the progression of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). In this study, we characterized and further investigated hsa_circ_0009362 (circGNB1) by reanalyzing the circRNA microarray profiling in our previous study. Validating by qRT-PCR, circGNB1 was overexpressed in TNBC cell lines and high expression of circGNB1 was associated with worse clinical features and survival outcomes. The expression of circGNB1 was positively correlated with tumor size and clinical stage, and high expression of circGNB1 was an independent risk factor for TNBC patients. Cell proliferation, colony formation, wound-healing and mouse xenograft assays were carried out to investigate the functions of circGNB1. Both in vitro and in vivo assays revealed that knockdown of circGNB1 significantly suppressed cell proliferation, migration and tumor growth. Subsequently, we performed luciferase reporter assays and RNA immunoprecipitation assays to elucidate the underlying molecular mechanism of circGNB1. The results showed that circGNB1 sponges miR-141-5p and facilitates TNBC progression by upregulating IGF1R. Altogether, our study demonstrated the pivotal role of circGNB1-miR-141-5p-IGF1R axis in TNBC growth and metastasis though the mechanism of competing endogenous RNAs. Therefore, circGNB1 may have the potential to be a therapeutic target and novel prognostic biomarker for TNBC.