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posted on 2021-03-10, 05:01 authored by Lucie Najmanova, Lenka Sabova, Magdalena Lenartova, Tatjana Janatova, Jaroslav Mysak, Tomas Vetrovsky, Barbora Tesinska, Gabriela Balikova Novotna, Marketa Koberska, Zdenek Broukal, Jana Duskova, Stepan Podzimek, Jiri Janata

The dysbiosis of oral microbiome (OM) precedes the clinical signs of periodontal disease. Its simple measure thus could indicate individuals at risk of periodontitis development; however, such a tool is still missing. Up to now, numerous microbial taxa were associated with periodontal health or periodontitis. The outputs of most studies could, nevertheless, be slightly biased from following two reasons: First, the healthy group is often characterized only by the absence of the disease, but the individuals could already suffer from dysbiosis without any visible signs. Second, the healthy/diseased OM characteristics are frequently determined based on average data obtained for whole groups of periodontally healthy persons versus patients. Especially in smaller sets of tested individuals the typical individual variability can thus complicate the unambiguous assignment of oral taxa to respective state of health. In this work the taxonomic composition of OM was evaluated for 20 periodontally healthy individuals and 15 patients with chronic periodontitis. The narrowed selection set of the most diseased patients (confirmed by clinical parameters) and the most distant group of healthy individuals with the lowest probability of dysbiosis was determined by clustering analysis and used for identification of marker taxa. Based on their representation in each individual oral cavity we proposed the numeric index of periodontal health called R/G value. Its diagnostic potential was further confirmed using independent set of 20 periodontally healthy individuals and 20 patients with periodontitis with 95 percent of samples assigned correctly. We also assessed the individual temporal OM dynamics in periodontal health and we compared it to periodontitis. We revealed that the taxonomic composition of the system changes dynamically but generally it ranges within values typical for periodontal health or transient state, but far from values typical for periodontitis. R/G value tool, formulated from individually evaluated data, allowed us to arrange individual OMs into a continuous series, instead of two distinct groups, thus mimicking the gradual transformation of a virtual person from periodontal health to disease. The application of R/G value index thus represents a very promising diagnostic tool for early prediction of persons at risk of developing periodontal disease.