Image_1_A Split-Gate Positive Feedback Device With an Integrate-and-Fire Capability for a High-Density Low-Power Neuron Circuit.JPEG

Hardware-based spiking neural networks (SNNs) to mimic biological neurons have been reported. However, conventional neuron circuits in SNNs have a large area and high power consumption. In this work, a split-gate floating-body positive feedback (PF) device with a charge trapping capability is proposed as a new neuron device that imitates the integrate-and-fire function. Because of the PF characteristic, the subthreshold swing (SS) of the device is less than 0.04 mV/dec. The super-steep SS of the device leads to a low energy consumption of ∼0.25 pJ/spike for a neuron circuit (PF neuron) with the PF device, which is ∼100 times smaller than that of a conventional neuron circuit. The charge storage properties of the device mimic the integrate function of biological neurons without a large membrane capacitor, reducing the PF neuron area by about 17 times compared to that of a conventional neuron. We demonstrate the successful operation of a dense multiple PF neuron system with reset and lateral inhibition using a common self-controller in a neuron layer through simulation. With the multiple PF neuron system and the synapse array, on-line unsupervised pattern learning and recognition are successfully performed to demonstrate the feasibility of our PF device in a neural network.