fdata-02-00033-g0004_Accelerating Physics-Based Simulations Using End-to-End Neural Network Proxies: An Application in Oil Reservoir Modeling.tif

We develop a proxy model based on deep learning methods to accelerate the simulations of oil reservoirs–by three orders of magnitude–compared to industry-strength physics-based PDE solvers. This paper describes a new architectural approach to this task modeling a simulator as an end-to-end black box, accompanied by a thorough experimental evaluation on a publicly available reservoir model. We demonstrate that in a practical setting a speedup of more than 2000X can be achieved with an average sequence error of about 10% relative to the simulator. The task involves varying well locations and varying geological realizations. The end-to-end proxy model is contrasted with several baselines, including upscaling, and is shown to outperform these by two orders of magnitude. We believe the outcomes presented here are extremely promising and offer a valuable benchmark for continuing research in oil field development optimization. Due to its domain-agnostic architecture, the presented approach can be extended to many applications beyond the field of oil and gas exploration.