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Table_2_Unveiling Kiwifruit Metabolite and Protein Changes in the Course of Postharvest Cold Storage.xlsx

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posted on 2019-02-04, 04:13 authored by Anna Maria Salzano, Giovanni Renzone, Anatoly P. Sobolev, Virginia Carbone, Milena Petriccione, Donatella Capitani, Monica Vitale, Gianfranco Novi, Nicola Zambrano, Maria Silvia Pasquariello, Luisa Mannina, Andrea Scaloni

Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward fruit is renowned for its micro- and macronutrients, which vary in their levels during berry physiological development and postharvest processing. In this context, we have recently described metabolic pathways/molecular effectors in fruit outer endocarp characterizing the different stages of berry physiological maturation. Here, we report on the kiwifruit postharvest phase through an integrated approach consisting of pomological analysis combined with NMR/LC-UV/ESI-IT-MSn- and 2D-DIGE/nanoLC-ESI-LIT-MS/MS-based proteometabolomic measurements. Kiwifruit samples stored under conventional, cold-based postharvest conditions not involving the use of dedicated chemicals were sampled at four stages (from fruit harvest to pre-commercialization) and analyzed in comparison for pomological features, and outer endocarp metabolite and protein content. About 42 metabolites were quantified, together with corresponding proteomic changes. Proteomics showed that proteins associated with disease/defense, energy, protein destination/storage, cell structure and metabolism functions were affected at precise fruit postharvest times, providing a justification to corresponding pomological/metabolite content characteristics. Bioinformatic analysis of variably represented proteins revealed a central network of interacting species, modulating metabolite level variations during postharvest fruit storage. Kiwifruit allergens were also quantified, demonstrating in some cases their highest levels at the fruit pre-commercialization stage. By lining up kiwifruit postharvest processing to a proteometabolomic depiction, this study integrates previous observations on metabolite and protein content in postharvest berries treated with specific chemical additives, and provides a reference framework for further studies on the optimization of fruit storage before its commercialization.