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posted on 13.02.2019, 04:25 by Kai-Yue Zhang, Yi-Zhou Gao, Meng-Ze Du, Shuo Liu, Chuan Dong, Feng-Biao Guo

The in-depth study of viral genomes is of great help in many aspects, especially in the treatment of human diseases caused by viral infections. With the rapid accumulation of viral sequencing data, improved, or alternative gene-finding systems have become necessary to process and mine these data. In this article, we present Vgas, a system combining an ab initio method and a similarity-based method to automatically find viral genes and perform gene function annotation. Vgas was compared with existing programs, such as Prodigal, GeneMarkS, and Glimmer. Through testing 5,705 virus genomes downloaded from RefSeq, Vgas demonstrated its superiority with the highest average precision and recall (both indexes were 1% higher or more than the other programs); particularly for small virus genomes (≤ 10 kb), it showed significantly improved performance (precision was 6% higher, and recall was 2% higher). Moreover, Vgas presents an annotation module to provide functional information for predicted genes based on BLASTp alignment. This characteristic may be specifically useful in some cases. When combining Vgas with GeneMarkS and Prodigal, better prediction results could be obtained than with each of the three individual programs, suggesting that collaborative prediction using several different software programs is an alternative for gene prediction. Vgas is freely available at or We hope that Vgas could be an alternative virus gene finder to annotate new genomes or reannotate existing genome.