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posted on 14.10.2020, 04:46 by Zilong Ji, Xiaolong Zou, Tiejun Huang, Si Wu

Learning from limited exemplars (few-shot learning) is a fundamental, unsolved problem that has been laboriously explored in the machine learning community. However, current few-shot learners are mostly supervised and rely heavily on a large amount of labeled examples. Unsupervised learning is a more natural procedure for cognitive mammals and has produced promising results in many machine learning tasks. In this paper, we propose an unsupervised feature learning method for few-shot learning. The proposed model consists of two alternate processes, progressive clustering and episodic training. The former generates pseudo-labeled training examples for constructing episodic tasks; and the later trains the few-shot learner using the generated episodic tasks which further optimizes the feature representations of data. The two processes facilitate each other, and eventually produce a high quality few-shot learner. In our experiments, our model achieves good generalization performance in a variety of downstream few-shot learning tasks on Omniglot and MiniImageNet. We also construct a new few-shot person re-identification dataset FS-Market1501 to demonstrate the feasibility of our model to a real-world application.