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Table_1_The Ontology of the Amphioxus Anatomy and Life Cycle (AMPHX).XLSX

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posted on 26.04.2021, 04:28 authored by Stephanie Bertrand, João E. Carvalho, Delphine Dauga, Nicolas Matentzoglu, Vladimir Daric, Jr-Kai Yu, Michael Schubert, Hector Escrivá

An ontology is a computable representation of the different parts of an organism and its different developmental stages as well as the relationships between them. The ontology of model organisms is therefore a fundamental tool for a multitude of bioinformatics and comparative analyses. The cephalochordate amphioxus is a marine animal representing the earliest diverging evolutionary lineage of chordates. Furthermore, its morphology, its anatomy and its genome can be considered as prototypes of the chordate phylum. For these reasons, amphioxus is a very important animal model for evolutionary developmental biology studies aimed at understanding the origin and diversification of vertebrates. Here, we have constructed an amphioxus ontology (AMPHX) which combines anatomical and developmental terms and includes the relationships between these terms. AMPHX will be used to annotate amphioxus gene expression patterns as well as phenotypes. We encourage the scientific community to adopt this amphioxus ontology and send recommendations for future updates and improvements.