Table_1_Relationship Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the Immune System: A Meta-Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes.xlsx

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a neurodegenerative diseases (neuro-diseases) which is prevalent in the elderly and seriously affects the lives of individuals. Many studies have discussed the relationship between immune system and AD pathogenesis. Here, the meta-analysis of differentially expressed (DE) genes based on microarray data was conducted to study the association between AD and immune system. 9519 target genes of hippocampus in 146 subjects (73 AD cases and 73 controls) from 4 microarray data sets were compiled and DE genes with p < 1.00E - 04 were selected to conduct the pathway-analysis. The results indicated that the DE genes were significantly enriched in the neuro-diseases as well as the immune system pathways.