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Table_1_Protein Subdomain Enrichment of NUP155 Variants Identify a Novel Predicted Pathogenic Hotspot.pdf

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posted on 2020-02-07, 04:39 authored by Riley J. Leonard, Claudia C. Preston, Melanie E. Gucwa, Yohannes Afeworki, Arielle S. Selya, Randolph S. Faustino

Functional variants in nuclear envelope genes are implicated as underlying causes of cardiopathology. To examine the potential association of single nucleotide variants of nucleoporin genes with cardiac disease, we employed a prognostic scoring approach to investigate variants of NUP155, a nucleoporin gene clinically linked with atrial fibrillation. Here we implemented bioinformatic profiling and predictive scoring, based on the gnomAD, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute-Exome Sequencing Project (NHLBI-ESP) Exome Variant Server, and dbNSFP databases to identify rare single nucleotide variants (SNVs) of NUP155 potentially associated with cardiopathology. This predictive scoring revealed 24 SNVs of NUP155 as potentially cardiopathogenic variants located primarily in the N-terminal crescent-shaped domain of NUP155. In addition, a predicted NUP155 R672G variant prioritized in our study was mapped to a region within the alpha helical stack of the crescent domain of NUP155. Bioinformatic analysis of inferred protein-protein interactions of NUP155 revealed over representation of top functions related to molecular transport, RNA trafficking, and RNA post-transcriptional modification. Topology analysis revealed prioritized hubs critical for maintaining network integrity and informational flow that included FN1, SIRT7, and CUL7 with nodal enrichment of RNA helicases in the topmost enriched subnetwork. Furthermore, integration of the top 5 subnetworks to capture network topology of an expanded framework revealed that FN1 maintained its hub status, with elevation of EED, CUL3, and EFTUD2. This is the first study to report novel discovery of a NUP155 subdomain hotspot that enriches for allelic variants of NUP155 predicted to be clinically damaging, and supports a role for RNA metabolism in cardiac disease and development.