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posted on 16.04.2021, 04:48 authored by Sanchita Bhattacharya, Zicheng Hu, Atul J. Butte

The field of immunology is rapidly progressing toward a systems-level understanding of immunity to tackle complex infectious diseases, autoimmune conditions, cancer, and beyond. In the last couple of decades, advancements in data acquisition techniques have presented opportunities to explore untapped areas of immunological research. Broad initiatives are launched to disseminate the datasets siloed in the global, federated, or private repositories, facilitating interoperability across various research domains. Concurrently, the application of computational methods, such as network analysis, meta-analysis, and machine learning have propelled the field forward by providing insight into salient features that influence the immunological response, which was otherwise left unexplored. Here, we review the opportunities and challenges in democratizing datasets, repositories, and community-wide knowledge sharing tools. We present use cases for repurposing open-access immunology datasets with advanced machine learning applications and more.