Table_1_Microbial Profile and Genetic Polymorphism of Predominant Species in Some Traditional Fermented Seafoods of the Hainan Area in China.XLSX

Fermented fish, fermented shrimp and fermented crab are traditionally prepared seafoods that are commonly consumed in the Hainan area in China. We studied the microbial diversity and metabolic pathways in traditional fermented seafoods using high-throughput sequencing technology, and based on our previous research, we also compared the differences between fermented seafood and fermented vegetables. The alpha diversity of fermented seafood was higher than that of fermented vegetables and attained the highest level in fermented shrimp. The dominant genera in fermented seafood were different from those of fermented vegetables. Furthermore, we analyzed the 16S rDNA gene polymorphisms (SNPs) of the same dominant species (Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus fermentum) in two fermented environments, which showed that most of the mutations occurred in fermented vegetables and that fermenting environment might be the major factor for these mutations. This research provides us with new insights into beneficial microbial resources in regard to microbial diversity and genetic polymorphisms and lays a foundation for the subsequent development and utilization of beneficial microorganisms.