Table_1_Identification of DNA-Methylated CpG Islands Associated With Gene Silencing in the Adult Body Tissues of the Ogye Chicken Using RNA-Seq and Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing.DOCX

DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that plays an essential role in regulating gene expression. CpG islands are DNA methylations regions in promoters known to regulate gene expression through transcriptional silencing of the corresponding gene. DNA methylation at CpG islands is crucial for gene expression and tissue-specific processes. At the current time, a limited number of studies have reported on gene expression associated with DNA methylation in diverse adult tissues at the genome-wide level. Expression levels are rarely affected by DNA methylation in normal adult tissues; however, statistical differences in gene expression level correlated with DNA methylation have recently been revealed. In this study, we examined 20 pairs of DNA methylomes and transcriptomes from RNA-seq and reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS) data using adult Ogye chicken tissues. A total of 3,133 CpG islands were identified from 20 tissue data in a single chicken sample which could affect downstream genes. Analyzing these CpG island and gene pairs, 121 significant units were statistically correlated. Among them, six genes (CLDN3, DECR2, EVA1B, NME4, NTSR1, and XPNPEP2) were highly significantly changed by altered DNA methylation. Finally, our data demonstrated how DNA methylation correlated to gene expression in normal adult tissues. Our source codes can be found at