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posted on 28.02.2018, 04:17 by Girak Kim, Min Jeong Gu, Soo Ji Kim, Kwang Hyun Ko, Yoon-Chul Kye, Cheol Gyun Kim, Jae-Ho Cho, Woon-Kyu Lee, Ki-Duk Song, Hyuk Chu, Yeong-Min Park, Seung Hyun Han, Cheol-Heui Yun

γδ T cells, known to be an important source of innate IL-17 in mice, provide critical contributions to host immune responses. Development and function of γδ T cells are directed by networks of diverse transcription factors (TFs). Here, we examine the role of the zinc finger TFs, Kruppel-like factor 10 (KLF10), in the regulation of IL-17-committed CD27 γδ T (γδ27−-17) cells. We found selective augmentation of Vγ4+ γδ27− cells with higher IL-17 production in KLF10-deficient mice. Surprisingly, KLF10-deficient CD127hi Vγ4+ γδ27−-17 cells expressed higher levels of CD5 than their wild-type counterparts, with hyper-responsiveness to cytokine, but not T-cell receptor, stimuli. Thymic maturation of Vγ4+ γδ27− cells was enhanced in newborn mice deficient in KLF10. Finally, a mixed bone marrow chimera study indicates that intrinsic KLF10 signaling is requisite to limit Vγ4+ γδ27−-17 cells. Collectively, these findings demonstrate that KLF10 regulates thymic development of Vγ4+ γδ27− cells and their peripheral homeostasis at steady state.