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Data_Sheet_1_Monascus sanguineus May Be a Natural Nothospecies.PDF

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posted on 22.12.2020, 04:12 by Yatao He, Junlin Liu, Qian Chen, Senning Gan, Ting Sun, Shengdong Huo

The genus Monascus has important economic and ecological values. In 2016, we isolated a strain M. sanguineus. After studying the phylogenetic relationship of Monascus, we believe that M. sanguineus is an independent species and speculate that it is a natural nothospecies. Recently, the morphological characteristics and sequences of seven genes (ITS, LSU, β-tubulin, calmodulin, RNA polymerase II subunit, β-ketoacyl synthase, and mating-type locus 1-1) of 15 Monascus strains were analyzed, including sequencing of multiple clones of five protein genes in four M. sanguineus strains. Two types of haplotypes (A and B) were observed in the five protein genes of M. sanguineus. Haplotype A was closely related to M. ruber, and haplotype B may be derived from an unknown Monascus species. The results demonstrated that M. sanguineus including type strains may be a natural nothospecies. This study laid the foundation for further exploration of the M. sanguineus genome, and the study may be of significant importance for the Monascus fermentation industry.