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posted on 2021-11-11, 04:53 authored by Nan Li, Shuzhan Gao, Shuang Wang, Sijie He, Jiayin Wang, Luqingqing He, Dongya Jiang, Yun Stone Shi, Jianguo Zhang, Yuan Gu, Tian Chen, Mingjun Kong, Xijia Xu, Qingshun Zhao

Attractin (ATRN) is a widely expressed glycoprotein that is involved in energy homeostasis, neurodevelopment, and immune response. It is encoded by a gene spanning 180 kb on chromosome 20p13, a region previously implicated in schizophrenia by linkage studies. To address a possible role of ATRN in disorders of the central nervous system, we created an atrn knockout zebrafish line and performed behavioral tests. Adult atrn–/– zebrafish exhibited more pronounced attack behavior relative to wild-type control zebrafish in a tracking analysis. Biochemical analysis revealed elevated testosterone levels in atrn–/– zebrafish. At the gene expression level, we noted an upregulation of cyp51 and hsd17b7, key proteins in testosterone synthesis in the brains of both adult and larvae of atrn–/– zebrafish. In order to further elucidate the relationship between testosterone and behavioral syndromes, we then compared testosterone levels of 9,008 psychiatric patients and 247 healthy controls from the same catchment area. Of all subjects examined, male subjects with schizophrenia exhibited lower testosterone levels compared with controls. In contrast, female subjects with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder featured higher testosterone levels than did same sex controls. Purposeful sampling of extreme groups showed reduced ATRN expression in a subset of these subjects. Finally, we identified 14 subjects with ATRN mutations. All of whom displayed abnormal testosterone levels. In summary, the interplay of ATRN and testosterone may help to explain sexual dimorphisms in selected behavioral phenotypes.