Data_Sheet_1_Association and Interaction Effects of Interleukin-12 Related Genes and Physical Activity on Cognitive Aging in Old Adults in the Taiwanese Population.pdf

Evidence suggests that the neuro-inflammation mechanisms associated with interleukin-12 (IL-12) may be linked to Alzheimer's diseases and cognitive aging. In this study, we speculate that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in IL-12-associated genes, such as IL12A, IL12B, IL12RB1, and IL12RB2 genes, could be associated with cognitive aging individually and/or via complicated interactions in the elder Taiwanese population. There were totally 3,730 Taiwanese individuals with age ≥60 years from the Taiwan Biobank. Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was analyzed for all participants. We employed MMSE scores to assess cognitive functions. Our analysis revealed that the IL12A gene (including rs116910715, rs78902931, and rs78569420), the IL12B gene (including rs730691), and the IL12RB2 gene (including rs3790558, rs4655538, rs75699623, and rs1874396) were associated with cognitive aging. Among these SNPs, the association with the IL12RB2 rs3790558 SNP remained significant after performing Bonferroni correction (P = 6.87 × 10−4). Additionally, we found that interactions between the IL12A and IL12RB2 genes influenced cognitive aging (P = 0.022). Finally, we pinpointed the effects of interactions between IL12A, IL12B, and IL12RB2 with physical activity (P < 0.001, = 0.002, and < 0.001, respectively). Our study suggests that the IL-12-associated genes may contribute to susceptibility to cognitive aging independently as well as through gene-gene and gene-physical activity interactions.