Data_Sheet_1_A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effect of SIRT1 Variation on the Risk of Schizophrenia and Depressive Symptoms.doc

Depressive symptoms could be considered a mutual manifestation of major depressive disorder and schizophrenia. Rs3758391 is a functional locus of Sirtuin (SIRT1) involving depression etiology. In this study, we hypothesized that the SIRT1 SNP rs3758391 might be a hazard for schizophrenia pathogenesis, especially related to the appearance of depressive symptoms. We recruited 723 healthy controls and 715 schizophrenia patients, the occurrence of psychotic and depressive symptoms was evaluated by Calgary Depression Scale (CDSS) and PANSS. Meanwhile, qt-PCR was used to detect the mRNA levels of SIRT1 in peripheral blood of 197 olanzapine monotherapy schizophrenia patients. 45.6% of schizophrenia patients had depressive symptoms. In the patient group, mRNA levels of patients with depressive symptoms were significantly lower than those without depressive symptoms (P < 0.01). CDSS scores of schizophrenia patients with different rs3758391 genotypes were significantly different (P < 0.01). Post hoc comparisons indicated that the CDSS scores of rs3758391 C/C and C/T carriers were higher than those of T/T carriers (Ps < 0.01). In the occipital cortex, our eQTL analysis showed that there was a clear correlation between rs3758391 and the SIRT1 mRNA levels. Our preliminary findings provide suggestive evidence that SIRT1 makes schizophrenia patients more prone to depressive symptoms. This SNP might be a biomarker of depression in schizophrenia.