DataSheet_1_Systematically Dissecting the Function of RNA-Binding Proteins During Glioma Progression.xlsx

2020-01-28T05:03:19Z (GMT) by Jianjun Wang Jianfeng Qi Xianzeng Hou

RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) play important roles in regulating gene expression and dysregulation of RBPs have been observed in various types of cancer. However, the role of RBPs during glioma progression, and particular in Chinese patients, is only starting to be unveiled. Here, we systematically analyzed the somatic mutation, gene expression patterns of 2949 RBPs during glioma progression. Our comprehensive study reveals several of highly mutated genes (such as ATRX, TTN and SETD2) and differentially expressed genes (such as KIF4A, TTK and CEP55). Integration of the expression of RBPs and genes, we constructed a regulatory network in glioma and revealed the functional links between RBPs and cancer-related genes. Moreover, we identified the prognosis spectrum of RBPs during glioma progression. The expression of a number of RBPs, such as SNRPN and IGF2BP3, are significantly associated with overall survival of patients in all grades. Taken together, our analyses provided a valuable RBP resource during glioma progression, and revealed several candidates that potentially contribute to development of therapeutic targets for glioma.