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posted on 27.01.2022, 04:49 authored by Nunthawan Nowwarote, Stephane Petit, Francois Come Ferre, Florent Dingli, Victor Laigle, Damarys Loew, Thanaphum Osathanon, Benjamin P. J. Fournier

Background: Extracellular matrix (ECM) plays a pivotal role in many physiological processes. ECM macromolecules and associated factors differ according to tissues, impact cell differentiation, and tissue homeostasis. Dental pulp ECM may differ from other oral tissues and impact mineralization. Thus, the present study aimed to identify the matrisome of ECM proteins derived from human dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) and its ability to regulate mineralization even in cells which do not respond to assaults by mineralization, the human gingival fibroblasts (GF).

Methods: ECM were extracted from DPSCs cultured in normal growth medium supplemented with L-ascorbic acid (N-ECM) or in osteogenic induction medium (OM-ECM). ECM decellularization (dECM) was performed using 0.5% triton X-100 in 20 mM ammonium hydroxide after 21 days. Mass spectrometry and proteomic analysis identified and quantified matrisome proteins.

Results: The dECM contained ECM proteins but lacked cellular components and mineralization. Interestingly, collagens (COL6A1, COL6A2, and COL6A3) and elastic fibers (FBN1, FBLN2, FN1, and HSPG2) were significantly represented in N-ECM, while annexins (ANXA1, ANXA4, ANXA5, ANXA6, ANXA7, and ANXA11) were significantly overdetected in OM-ECM. GF were reseeded on N-dECM and OM-dECM and cultured in normal or osteogenic medium. GF were able to attach and proliferate on N-dECM and OM-dECM. Both dECM enhanced mineralization of GF at day 14 compared to tissue culture plate (TCP). In addition, OM-dECM promoted higher mineralization of GF than N-dECM although cultured in growth medium.

Conclusions: ECM derived from DPSCs proved to be osteoinductive, and this knowledge supported cell-derived ECM can be further utilized for tissue engineering of mineralized tissues.