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posted on 2018-01-11, 04:04 authored by Prabina K. Meher, Tanmaya K. Sahu, Shachi Gahoi, Atmakuri R. Rao

Heat shock proteins (HSPs) play a pivotal role in cell growth and variability. Since conventional approaches are expensive and voluminous protein sequence information is available in the post-genomic era, development of an automated and accurate computational tool is highly desirable for prediction of HSPs, their families and sub-types. Thus, we propose a computational approach for reliable prediction of all these components in a single framework and with higher accuracy as well. The proposed approach achieved an overall accuracy of ~84% in predicting HSPs, ~97% in predicting six different families of HSPs, and ~94% in predicting four types of DnaJ proteins, with bench mark datasets. The developed approach also achieved higher accuracy as compared to most of the existing approaches. For easy prediction of HSPs by experimental scientists, a user friendly web server ir-HSP is made freely accessible at The ir-HSP was further evaluated for proteome-wide identification of HSPs by using proteome datasets of eight different species, and ~50% of the predicted HSPs in each species were found to be annotated with InterPro HSP families/domains. Thus, the developed computational method is expected to supplement the currently available approaches for prediction of HSPs, to the extent of their families and sub-types.