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DataSheet1_Contractile State Dependent Sarcomere Length Variability in Isolated Guinea-Pig Cardiomyocytes.DOC

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posted on 2022-04-04, 04:13 authored by Oleg Lookin, Anastasia Khokhlova, Tatiana Myachina, Xenia Butova, Olivier Cazorla, Pieter de Tombe

Cardiomyocytes contract keeping their sarcomere length (SL) close to optimal values for force generation. Transmural heterogeneity in SL across the ventricular wall coordinates the contractility of the whole-ventricle. SL heterogeneity (variability) exists not only at the tissue (macroscale) level, but also presents at the level of a single cardiomyocyte (microscale level). However, transmural differences in intracellular SL variability and its possible dependence on the state of contraction (e.g. end-diastole or end-systole) have not been previously reported. In the present study, we studied three aspects of sarcomere-to-sarcomere variability in intact cardiomyocytes isolated from the left ventricle of healthy guinea-pig: 1) transmural differences in SL distribution between subepi- (EPI) and subendocardial (ENDO) cardiomyocytes; 2) the dependence of intracellular variability in SL upon the state of contraction; 3) local differences in SL variability, comparing SL distributions between central and peripheral regions within the cardiomyocyte. To characterize the intracellular variability of SL, we used different normality tests for the assessment of SL distributions, as well as nonparametric coefficients to quantify the variability. We found that individual SL values in the end-systolic state of contraction followed a normal distribution to a lesser extent as compared to the end-diastolic state of contraction (∼1.3-fold and ∼1.6-fold in ENDO and EPI, respectively). The relative and absolute coefficients of sarcomere-to-sarcomere variability in end-systolic SL were significantly greater (∼1.3-fold) as compared to end-diastolic SL. This was independent of both the transmural region across the left ventricle and the intracellular region within the cardiomyocyte. We conclude that the intracellular variability in SL, which exists in normal intact guinea-pig cardiomyocytes, is affected by the contractile state of the myocyte. This phenomenon may play a role in inter-sarcomere communication in the beating heart.