DataSheet1_Comprehensive Analysis of the Expression and Prognosis for Laminin Genes in Ovarian (27.13 MB)
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DataSheet1_Comprehensive Analysis of the Expression and Prognosis for Laminin Genes in Ovarian

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posted on 18.02.2022, 11:01 by Bowen Diao, Ping Yang

Survival is low in ovarian cancer (OC). Most OC patients demonstrate advanced metastases, and recurrence is common. Dysregulation of laminin interactions is associated with cancer development. However, it is unknown whether laminin subunits can be considered as biomarkers for OC diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. We used cBioPortal, GEO, ONCOMINE, GEPIA, Human Protein Atlas, Kaplan-Meier Plotter, TIMER, and Metascape to determine the associations among laminin expression, prognosis, and immune cell infiltration in OC. LAMA5, LAMB3, and LAMC2 mRNAs and LAMA3, LAMB1/B2/B3, and LAMC1/C2 proteins were overexpressed in OC tissues compared with normal ovaries. LAMA4, LAMB1, and LAMC1 mRNA upregulation was positively correlated with worse overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) in OC. Elevated LAMA2 and LAMC2 mRNA expression levels were related to better PFS or OS, respectively. The results speculated that LAMA5 could potentially be a good prognostic factor in OC. Its expression proves valuable for predicting OS in patients diagnosed with stage Ⅳ and grade 3 OC and PFS in patients diagnosed with all OC stages or grades. LAMB3 and LAMC2 expression was correlated with platinum resistance development. ROC analysis of laminins in OC sets revealed that LAMA2/A4/A5, LAMB1/B2/B3, and LAMC2 could be used to differentiate between malignant tumors and non-neoplastic tissues. LAMA1/A5 and LAMC1 were significantly and negatively correlated with various tumor immune infiltrates (TILs), especially with dendritic cells, CD8+ T cells or neutrophil. LAMA4 and LAMB1 might be associated with tumor purity in OC. Overall, LAMA5 and LAMC1 could help predict OC survival and diagnosis and might be deemed important OC oncogenes.