Image_1_Expression Patterns of Circular RNAs in High Quality and Poor Quality Human Spermatozoa.TIF

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are expressed in human testis and seminal plasma. Until today, there is missing information about a possible payload of circRNAs in human spermatozoa (SPZ). With this in mind, we carried out a circRNA microarray identifying a total of 10.726 transcripts, 28% novel based and 84.6% with exonic structure; their potential contribution in molecular pathways was evaluated by KEGG analysis. Whether circRNAs may be related to SPZ quality was speculated evaluating two different populations of SPZ (A SPZ = good quality, B SPZ = low quality), separated on the basis of morphology and motility parameters, by Percoll gradient. Thus, 148 differentially expressed (DE)-circRNAs were identified and the expression of selected specific SPZ-derived circRNAs was evaluated in SPZ head/tail-enriched preparations, to check the preservation of these molecules during SPZ maturation and their transfer into oocyte during fertilization. Lastly, circRNA/miRNA/mRNA network was built by bioinformatics approach.