Image_1_Ethanol Extract of Aurantiochytrium mangrovei 18W-13a Strain Possesses Anti-inflammatory Effects on Murine Macrophage RAW264 Cells.tif

In this study, the effects of an ethanolic extract of Aurantiochytrium mangrovei 18W-13a strain (AM18W-13a) on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory responses in RAW264 murine macrophages were studied. Pre-treatment with the AM18W-13a extract significantly suppressed the LPS-induced production of nitric oxide and pro-inflammatory cytokines. RAW264 cells treated with the AM18W-13a extract for 1 and 24 h were subjected to DNA microarray analyses for detecting the differentially expressed genes. The treatment of RAW264 cells with the AM18W-13a extract for 24 h significantly suppressed the expression of several genes associated with inflammation or chemotaxis. Furthermore, treatment with the AM18W-13a extract for 1 h suppressed the expression of Pde4b, but induced the expression of Egr2 and Egr3 in RAW264 cells. Additionally, the AM18W-13a extract significantly enhanced the expression of certain anti-inflammatory mediators. This study is the first report of the anti-inflammatory effects of the AM18W-13a extract and its mechanism of action in LPS-stimulated murine macrophages.