Image_1_Analysis of Expression Patterns of MicroRNAs That Are Closely Associated With Renal Carcinogenesis.tiff

Background: MicroRNAs (miRNA) are frequently dysregulated in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC).

Objective: This study aimed to elucidate the role of miRNA expression patterns in renal carcinogenesis and to identify the specific miRNAs that exhibit expression patterns closely associated with patient outcomes.

Methods: We examined the expression patterns of selected miRNAs, including miRNA-155-5p, miRNA-122-5p, miRNA-21-5p, miRNA-185-5p, miRNA-106a-5p, miRNA-106b-3p, miRNA-34b-3p, miRNA-210-3p, miRNA-141-3p, miRNA-200c-3p, miRNA-135a-5p, miRNA-30a-5p, miRNA-218-5p, miRNA-429, miRNA-200a-3p and miRNA-200b-3p, in 96 samples of ccRCCs using the TaqMan real-time PCR method. In addition, cluster analysis was performed to stratify expression patterns of multiple miRNAs.

Results: In the present study, three distinct subgroups could be clearly stratified in ccRCCs. Subgroup 1 was characterized by upregulation of miRNA-155-5p, miRNA-122-5p, miRNA-21-5p, miRNA-185-5p, miRNA-106a-5p, miRNA-106b-3p, miRNA-34b-3p and miRNA-210-3p. Subgroup 2 was closely associated with downregulation of miRNA-141-3p, miRNA200c-3p, miRNA-30a-5p, miRNA-218-5p, miRNA-429, miRNA-200a-3p and miRNA-200b-3p. Moreover, significant lower expression of miRNA-135a-5p was a distinctive feature of subgroup 3, which was correlated with metachronous metastasis. Among the individual markers in subgroup 3, miRNA-135a-5p was retained in multivariate analysis. The cutoff value of miRNA-135a-5p expression to identify the association of an altered level of miRNA-135a-5p with metachronous metastasis in ccRCCs was determined and showed excellent specificity.

Conclusion: We suggest that the expression pattern of the chosen miRNAs is useful to identify renal carcinogenesis and to help identify the association of such expression patterns with metachronous metastasis in ccRCCs. In addition, miRNA-135a-5p was an excellent marker for prediction of metachronous metastasis.