Data_Sheet_4_A Dynamic Multi-Tissue Flux Balance Model Captures Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism and Optimal Resource Partitioning During Arabidopsis Growth.XLS

2018-06-26T08:52:11Z (GMT) by Rahul Shaw C. Y. Maurice Cheung

Plant metabolism is highly adapted in response to its surrounding for acquiring limiting resources. In this study, a dynamic flux balance modeling framework with a multi-tissue (leaf and root) diel genome-scale metabolic model of Arabidopsis thaliana was developed and applied to investigate the reprogramming of plant metabolism through multiple growth stages under different nutrient availability. The framework allowed the modeling of optimal partitioning of resources and biomass in leaf and root over diel phases. A qualitative flux map of carbon and nitrogen metabolism was identified which was consistent across growth phases under both nitrogen rich and limiting conditions. Results from the model simulations suggested distinct metabolic roles in nitrogen metabolism played by enzymes with different cofactor specificities. Moreover, the dynamic model was used to predict the effect of physiological or environmental perturbation on the growth of Arabidopsis leaves and roots.