Data_Sheet_1_Mechanically Robust and Thermally Stable Colorful Superamphiphobic Coatings.PDF

2018-04-30T04:14:29Z (GMT) by Ning Tian Penglin Zhang Junping Zhang

Colorful super anti-wetting coatings are receiving growing attention, but are challenging to invent. Here, we report a general method for preparing mechanically robust and thermally stable colorful superamphiphobic coatings. A composite of palygorskite (PAL) nanorods and iron oxide red (IOR) was prepared by solid-state grinding or hydrothermal reaction, which was then modified by hydrolytic condensation of silanes to form a suspension. Superamphiphobic coatings were prepared by spray-coating the suspension onto substrates. The superamphiphobicity depends upon the surface microstructure and chemical composition, which are controllable by the PAL/IOR concentration and the solid-state grinding time. The colorful coatings show excellent superamphiphobicity with high contact angles and low sliding angles for water and various organic liquids of low surface tension, e.g., toluene and n-decane. The coatings also feature high mechanical, chemical and thermal stability, which is superior to all the reported colorful super anti-wetting coatings. Moreover, superamphiphobic coatings of different colors can be prepared via the same procedure using the other metal oxides instead of IOR. We believe the colorful superamphiphobic coatings may find applications in many fields like anti-climbing of oils and restoration of cultural relics, as the coatings are applicable onto various substrates.